Studio C4 is a mixing and mastering facility in Copenhagen and home to engineers Anders Schumann and assistant engineer Louis Schumann.
We offer services that are tailored for high profile work as well as emerging talent.

We do:

– Mixing (max 90 tracks): 6500dkr
Includes 2 hours of revisions, main version, instrumental, accapella and singback

– Mixing (+90 tracks): Please get in touch for a quote

– Stem Mastering (max 12 stems): 2100dkr / song
Includes 1 hour of revisions / song

– Stereo Mastering: 700dkr / song
Includes 1 revision

– Attended mastering session: 700dkr/hour

– Vinyl premaster digital file: 500dkr /side
(requires master)

– Alternate versions: 300dkr / song / version
Please get in touch for a quote

-Format conversions: 100dkr  / conversion (requires master)

– DDP creation: 900kr

– 48hour-service for last minute emergency work: surcharge of +1400dkr (max 3 hours of work)

*All prices are excluding VAT