Our Copenhagen studio is located at a 5min walk from central station, surrounded by craft beer bars and coffee shops in the area of Vesterbro.

The studio is a unique hybrid mix and mastering room that allows for detailed mastering work without compromises as well as analog mixing via a vast selection of outboard gear and summing mixers placed strategically to keep the listening position neutral. The acoustics were designed by Jakob Nygård and monitoring is provided via a set of flush mounted Augspurger Duo 15, a pair of Dutch&Dutch 8c and ProAcs Studio100s.

The list of outboard gear at C4 is ever changing and expanding. Highlights include a Sontec MES-432, Avalon 2077, Fairman TMC, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, a vintage Neve 1073 rack and an Ampex ATR102 tape machine to name only a few…


Known as the “sunshine island”, Bornholm is home to some of Denmark’s best culinary experiences. Located right on the small harbour of Årsdale is a church turned recording studio. The former organ balcony is today the control room and contains an extensive collection of boutique analog gear, built around an API 1608 console.

The high ceilings in the live room allows for a uniquely beautiful drum sound and can house a full band setup. Various sleeping facilities, new kitchen, fireplace and original church deco (cross, altar etc) make this a vibey and inspiring place to work on music.

Our church is reserved primarily for our regular clients, as it is a very personal space, but feel free to get in touch with us about it either way.